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Non-employee Referral Program

We are extending our referral program to our external community, where anyone can refer candidates to our job openings. The following outlines the guidelines and process for participating in the program. 


  • The candidate being referred to must not be previously contacted by Amihan nor be its former employee or someone that the application has already been processed. 
  • Referring employee must agree that his/her name will be mentioned to the candidate during introduction process. 


  • All our relevant and approved job openings will be actively posted on all the official social media platforms and website.
  • They can refer to this official REFER page to submit the information and CV of the candidate. 
  • Referred candidates will go through the normal recruitment process and undergo all stages defined for each position. 


  • The first person to refer the candidate must be the sole and only qualified referring person eligible for the referral reward. 
  • The person who referred can choose to receive eGift cards. Alternatively, if the person can provide an OR or Official Receipt, then cash transaction will be performed. The following are the equivalent amount of referral rewards per candidate’s position level. 
  • Junior – PHP 2,500  Professional – PHP 5,000  Senior/Expert/Leader – PHP 7,500 
  • Referral reward will be given in two (2) terms. First half (50%) of the reward will be given during the first working month of the referred candidate. The last half (50%) will be given upon referred candidate’s regularization. 
  • Should the candidate decide to revoke the job offer, the first half of the reward will be forfeited. And, in the instance that the referred candidate is terminated or chosen to resign, the last half of the reward will be forfeited.

    In the event of any dispute, the final decision shall be at the sole discretion of HR and CEO of Amihan Solutions. The Amihan Solutions management keeps the right to change the directive without prior notice. 


      Let us know about any qualified candidates and you could be eligible for a referral bonus.