People Focus

Amihan Supports continues employee development programs to ensure the quality of collaboration and delivery for retention and sustainable long-term living

People Development

The reintegration of our employees through education is a crucial step towards managing a dedicated offshoring / outsourcing team in the Philippines. Amihan Solution supports the client in ensuring that our employees share the values of people empowerment and development to grow together as an organization and as individual contributors.

Employee Retention

Apart from supporting the efficient growth of our client’s business and employees, Amihan Solutions shares part of the Expert Module Fee in the area of people development and education, which is essential to build sustainable long-term living through the following:

Community Building (AmihanCircles)

Places importance on work-life balance by building communities that foster diverse work cultures, such as gaming clubs etc.

Amihan Community Building

Social Events & Interaction

Building relationships through socialisation gives the employees ‘synergy’ – a sense of belonging and connectedness at work. Making work delightful in the process! Amihan Solutions currently have the following social events such as Apero, Almusal, Summer & Year End Party.

Amihan Solutions Summer Event 2023

Education Programs

Improve employee experience by fostering education and growth through webinars, seminar, etc.

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