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Transitioning from one career path to another can be both challenging and rewarding. In this blog post, we delve into the journey of one individual who moved from a data analyst to a human resources (HR) business partner at Amihan Solutions, a people-focused company with a vision for innovation and growth.

From Data Analyst to HR Business Partner

Starting as a data analyst, Zaila embarked on a journey that led to her current role as an HR business partner at Amihan Solutions. Reflecting on her career shift, she shares, “I always had a passion for understanding people and their potential. Transitioning into HR felt like a natural progression towards making a more significant impact.”

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Embracing Amihan Solutions

What drew Zaila to Amihan Solutions? The vibrant startup culture and the leadership’s commitment to openness and dynamism. Zaila remarks, “Amihan’s ethos of embracing new ideas and fostering a collaborative environment resonated with me deeply. It’s refreshing to be part of a company that values its employees and clients.”

Joining Amihan: A Leap of Faith

Joining Amihan wasn’t just about the job; it was about the people and the leadership. Working closely with CEO Patrick, Zaila found inspiration in his leadership style, characterized by openness and a drive for excellence. She reflects, “Patrick’s visionary approach and genuine concern for personal growth made Amihan an irresistible opportunity for me.”

Personal Growth at Amihan

Amihan isn’t just a workplace for Zaila; it’s a platform for personal growth. As a startup, the company offers ample opportunities for individuals to flourish. Zaila sees her growth trajectory aligning with Amihan’s vision, with possibilities stretching beyond the Philippines to global markets. She says, “Amihan’s dynamic environment has challenged me to expand my horizons and explore new avenues of professional development.”

Perks of Working at Amihan

Among the perks Zaila enjoys at Amihan is the hybrid working setup, which provides flexibility while maintaining connections with colleagues. This balance between remote work and in-person collaboration alleviates travel exhaustion, making work more manageable and enjoyable. “The flexibility offered at Amihan allows me to strike a healthy work-life balance, which ultimately enhances my productivity and job satisfaction,” she adds.

The Balancing Act: Zaila’s Role

As an HR business partner, Zaila navigates between management and employees. Striking a balance between advocating for both sides can be challenging, but Zaila approaches it with a heart-driven mindset, focusing on harmony and equilibrium. She explains, “Being a bridge between management and employees requires empathy, diplomacy, and effective communication. It’s a delicate balancing act that I embrace wholeheartedly.”

Unexpected Turns: Career in HR

Zaila’s journey into HR wasn’t premeditated. While she initially aspired to be an office worker inspired by familial influences, life took her on a different path. Studying psychology in college planted seeds for a clinical career, but her internship experiences in HR sparked a newfound passion. “I discovered my passion for HR through hands-on experience and mentorship,” she shares. “It’s a field that constantly challenges me to grow and adapt.”

Inspirations Along the Way

Throughout her journey, Zaila found inspiration in challenges and mentors. A pivotal moment during her internship, when an HR manager emphasized the realities of the field, motivated Zaila to pursue HR with determination. “My mentors instilled in me a sense of purpose and resilience, guiding me through the ups and downs of my career journey,” she acknowledges gratefully.

Beyond Work: Pursuing Passions

Zaila finds solace in activities like reading, journaling, and classical music outside work. These endeavours provide moments of respite from the demands of the professional world, allowing her to recharge and refocus. “Engaging in hobbies nurtures my creativity and brings balance to my life,” she shares. “It’s essential to prioritize self-care and pursue passions outside of work.”

Navigating Challenges

Despite the rewarding aspects, Zaila acknowledges the difficulties inherent in the HR industry. Aligning actions with personal values can be challenging, but Amihan’s commitment to ethical practices ensures Zaila’s alignment with the company’s values. “Navigating ethical dilemmas requires integrity and courage,” she affirms. “Amihan’s emphasis on ethical conduct reinforces my commitment to upholding principles of fairness and transparency.”


Zaila’s journey from a data analyst to an HR business partner at Amihan Solutions exemplifies the transformative power of embracing new opportunities. Through dedication, adaptability, and a commitment to personal growth, individuals like Zaila can carve out fulfilling careers in unexpected places. As she continues to evolve professionally and personally, Zaila remains grateful for the enriching experiences and meaningful connections forged.