Welcome to our Employee Q&A blog, where we bring you an exclusive glimpse into the lives and perspectives of our talented team members. 

In this edition, we have the privilege of interviewing one of our esteemed employees, who will share their unique journey, professionally and personally. We will uncover their role within our organization, gaining valuable insights into their expertise and contributions to our industry. 

Our goal is to provide an insider’s perspective on our daily operations, offering practical advice and inspiration to aspiring professionals in our field. Join us as we shine a spotlight on the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of our team.

We are pleased to introduce Gener Dela Cruz or Gene, an industry veteran with a wealth of experience and knowledge. With a remarkable 20 years in the IT industry, Gene has traversed various roles and honed their expertise in different domains. From quality assurance and business analysis to customer support and account management, he has successfully navigated multiple facets of the industry. Moreover, his proficiency in client success management has enabled him to build strong relationships and drive mutual growth. Join us as we delve deeper into his background and explore the valuable insights he has gained throughout his illustrious career.

What are you doing as a client success manager?

My responsibility as client success manager is strategically supporting clients to meet their demands regarding quality, cost and timelines to ensure we keep them and build long-term retention. We must address customer issues and maintain a good working relationship while helping our sales team expand service offerings and renew employees.


How do you work with the client and the employees?

¬†Meeting with customers periodically to get feedback about our services and experts. This helps us understand their current need and how we can address their concerns. We discuss the team’s performance, challenges and successes during the meeting. On the other hand, it is equally important that we get feedback from employees to ensure the issues with the projects are addressed internally. Having a regular checkpoint with the team helps keep the motivation and resolve problems and challenges.

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What do you enjoy about working at Amihan Solutions?

Amihan Solutions has opened its doors to endless possibilities. My entire career is about software quality, and through Amihan, I got to unlock another role: to engage more with the client and understand their business needs. My leadership skills have been further enhanced through collaborating with my team remotely. At first, this was very challenging because I used to work with colleagues face-to-face. Now that I do client success management, I enjoy this opportunity to expand my network and help both customers and employees/Amihan tie loose ends.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


How can Amihan Solutions help you onboard a company that will fit your career goals and needs?

Do you look for an employee-centric working environment where you can grow your career with our clients in a fun and secure setup? Check out our career page to know why Amihan Solutions is for you. 

As a company, we believe in building relationships with our clients, so we facilitated this Q&A interview session to remind us better how CRM helps businesses to evolve a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates honesty and customer detention.

Who are we?

Amihan Solutions is a Swiss-owned and managed offshoring outsourcing company which started business operations in mid-2021 in the Philippines and Switzerland. Amihan Solutions brings more than 11+ years of quality distributed delivery management know-how and over 8 years of working in the Philippines, delivering over 200+ software projects to clients in Switzerland, other countries in Europe, and globally.