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We’re thrilled to introduce Emmanuel Feliciano, also known as EJ, our newest Business Development Representative, a seasoned professional with six years of industry experience, including five years in retail sales and one year as a business development representative.

What is your background and experience in the industry?

My journey has given me valuable insights into client needs, market trends, and effective business development strategies. I bring a proven track record of driving revenue and fostering strong client relationships to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

What strategies will you implement to generate leads and expand company clients?

My approach to lead generation and client expansion is strategically grounded. Leveraging my industry understanding, I intend to deploy targeted prospecting methodologies, cultivate robust client relationships, and introduce innovative solutions to amplify our market presence. My commitment is not only to generate leads but also to forge enduring partnerships. Harnessing my proven track record in revenue generation, I will identify and capitalize on new business avenues, ensuring sustained growth for the company.

How do you handle objections or rejections from potential clients during the sales process?

 In addressing objections or rejections from potential clients during the sales process, I rely on a systematic and customer-centric approach:

  1. I actively listen to understand the concerns, allowing me to empathize with the client’s perspective.
  2. I respond thoughtfully, addressing specific objections with tailored solutions that showcase the value proposition of our offerings. By demonstrating a deep understanding of their needs and concerns, I aim to build trust and credibility. Having that mental space to approach daily with a fresh view helps.
  3. I use objections as learning opportunities to refine our approach and enhance our offerings, ensuring a continuous improvement cycle in our sales strategy.
Ej Feliciano Photos

What do you enjoy about working at Amihan Solutions? 

I am delighted to work at Amihan Solutions due to its dynamic and innovative environment. The company fosters a culture of continuous learning and encourages creativity, allowing me to contribute my skills and ideas to drive meaningful outcomes, which its CEO, Patric Lengacher, reflects. The collaborative team spirit and emphasis on personal and professional growth create a supportive atmosphere. Moreover, the company’s commitment to cutting-edge staffing solutions aligns with my passion. Focusing on the quality of deliverables and a good working environment is refreshing. Overall, the vibrant and forward-thinking culture at Amihan Solutions makes each day engaging and fulfilling.

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