We had the opportunity to sit down with Edderson and learn more about his journey from being a Laravel Developer to a Professional ReactJS Developer for Amihan Solutions’ global client. Ederson, or Ed as he liked to be called, has worked for us for almost a year. 

It was a fruitful conversation starting from his appreciation of Amihan Solutions and his desire to receive a scholarship and study in the future. 

My dream job is to be an Engineer.

Describe Amihan Solutions in 1 word.

Transparent. What I mean by this is that they always show you your records, help you, guide you, and tell you the steps of the process you’re going through. Second, the people behind Amihan Solutions are friendly and accommodating. 

Why join Amihan Solutions? What perks do they like the most?

What I love about Amihan Solutions is the benefits and perks, such as the set-up of work from home and at the office work and social events that occur monthly, such as Apero, Almusal Summer Event & Year End Party. Next, the government-mandated benefits and the compensation offer align with your job. 

What is your job, and describe your job?

As a Professional ReactJS Developer for Amihan Solutions, I’m tasked to analyze the tickets raised by my client and work closely with testers, designers, web designers, project managers, etc. I will then implement the raised tickets, which will be due for activation. 

What do you find the most difficult in your career?

One challenge I experience is navigating all the changes needed to optimize the app better as requested by the client and deliver quality outcomes. 

Why did you choose this career? 

This profession is something that is in line with my interests. First, ever since I was a child and now adulthood, I have always liked computers and logic-based things like puzzles. Second, the salary in Tech jobs got me hooked on this career. 

Who inspires you during your studies or in this career path? 

The person that inspired me is my uncle because he was able to receive a scholarship to study. I always wanted to follow in his footsteps by receiving a scholarship in the future. 

What will be your advice for someone starting or planning to switch to this industry?

My advice is everything can be learned. If you do not know the answer, you can always search for the solution on the Internet. What will make you good in this career is practice. Practice makes perfect is true based on my experience. 

Amihan Solutions Outreach

Describe your experience working with Amihan Solutions and then also your client.

In Amihan Solutions, the staff and my co-workers are very friendly and approachable. You can talk about all of your concerns. 

On top of your career, what are you doing in your free time?

I usually play computer games like Dota 2 and Call of Duty.


How can Amihan Solutions help you onboard a company that will fit your career goals and needs?

Do you look for an employee-centric working environment where you can grow your career with our clients in fun and secure setup? Check out our career page to know why Amihan Solutions is for you.

As a company, we believe in striving for inspiration through work and daily life. That’s why we facilitated this Q&A interview session to better remind us of why we work in the first place. As mentioned in this blog, An inspirational person spreads inspiration everywhere. When you have inspirational people in your organization, it affects other employees in a positive way.

Who are we?

Amihan Solutions is a Swiss-owned and managed offshoring outsourcing company which started business operations in mid-2021 in the Philippines and Switzerland. Amihan Solutions brings more than 11+ years of quality distributed delivery management know-how, and over 8 years of working in the Philippines, delivering over 200+ software projects to clients in Switzerland, other countries in Europe, and globally.