Greetings and a warm welcome to our employee Q&A blog! Here, we proudly present our team members’ unique experiences and viewpoints. We interview one of our valued employees, delving into their professional and personal backgrounds, their role within the organization, and their valuable insights into our industry. Our aim is to offer an inside look into our daily operations and provide helpful advice and inspiration to those interested in pursuing a career in our field. We invite you to join us as we discover the incredible individuals who make up our team.

Introducing Donald, a driven individual whose journey has taken him from the halls of academia to the forefront of technology. Donald began his professional career as a college professor, sharing his passion for knowledge and inspiring young minds. His expertise in his field and his ability to connect with students led him to a notable career path in the academic world.

However, Donald’s insatiable curiosity and desire for new challenges led him to explore other facets of technology. Recognizing the growing importance of Salesforce, he embarked on a path to become a Lead Salesforce Developer. With his analytical mindset, problem-solving skills, and keen attention to detail, Donald quickly excelled in his role, spearheading innovative solutions within the Salesforce ecosystem. As he shared with us, Donald has set his sights even higher while his current role is fulfilling. He harbours an ambitious dream of becoming a business owner in the future. 

Donald’s unwavering dedication to lifelong learning and relentless ambition have propelled him forward in his professional journey. Whether shaping young minds as a professor or revolutionizing business processes as a Lead Salesforce Developer, Donald consistently strives for excellence. With his eyes firmly set on entrepreneurship, the future holds boundless possibilities for this determined individual.

Now that we’ve explored Donald’s background and aspirations let’s dive into some questions that shed light on his experiences, challenges, and the valuable insights he has gained along the way.

Describe Amihan Solutions in 1 word.  

Amihan Solutions is honest

Amihan Solutions Outreach

Next, what do you like about Amihan Solutions? And compare it to your first job? 

Amihan Solutions is people focused and looks at the experts’ priority. It prioritizes the well-being and growth of its team members, strongly emphasizing their needs, aspirations, and professional development. 

Why did you join Amihan Solutions? 

The perks and privileges of working from home and working with international clients. Working at Amihan Solutions comes with the exciting benefits of remote work and the opportunity to collaborate with international clients. Their flexible work-from-home policy allows our team members to achieve a better work-life balance, eliminating the need for lengthy commutes and providing the comfort of working from their preferred environment. Their global client base also exposes us to diverse cultures, perspectives, and business practices, fostering personal growth and broadening professional horizons.

Describe your job. 

I am an Enterprise Developer in Cloud, serving and developing CRM systems. My primary responsibility is to lead and oversee the development and customization of the Salesforce platform to meet our organization’s specific needs and objectives. 

What skills do they need to be in this position?

Within the Salesforce ecosystem, various career paths exist to explore, particularly emphasizing administration and development roles. While obtaining certifications is crucial, the initial aim is to become a Salesforce technical architect. This position requires a comprehensive understanding of the platform and the ability to design and implement complex solutions that align with business requirements.

Next, what do you find the most difficult in this industry? 

One of the most demanding aspects of being in a rapidly evolving field like Salesforce is the constant need to stay abreast of emerging trends and technologies. As the most critical part of the job, keeping your skills sharp and up-to-date becomes paramount. By prioritizing skill development and staying ahead of the curve, you can overcome challenges and maintain your competitive edge in the dynamic world of Salesforce.

Why did you choose this career? 

It’s probably some divine intervention I went through. I originally wanted to be an architect and build houses, but circumstances led me to be a computer engineer. With that said, I have a mantra that I have to be the very best in my career, so I still try to excel. 

What will be your advice for someone starting this industry? 

In the vast realm of software engineering, there are numerous fields and areas of specialization to choose from. However, the key to success lies in selecting one particular field and dedicating oneself to becoming genuinely exceptional. By honing your skills and expertise in a specific domain, you can cultivate a deep understanding, master the relevant technologies, and position yourself as a sought-after expert in your chosen field.

Who inspires you in this career path?

My family is a constant source of inspiration for my career path in my field. Their unwavering support, encouragement, and belief in my abilities have shaped my aspirations and fueled my drive for success. Their achievements and dedication serve as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and passion in pursuing one’s dreams.


Describe your experience working with Amihan Solutions and also your client.

Working with Amihan Solutions,  CEO Patric he’s like a brother to us. He strongly encourages open communication with all employees and addresses everyone’s concerns if needed.  The Corporate Team they’re the top of the class. They are my favourite HR officers I worked with for the past years, as they are open to answering your inquiries. Working with clients is impressive as you are exposed to their culture and national settings.

What are you doing in your free time?

In my free time, I create my investment software. As I am a busy person if given the time, I want to have this system that will generate passive income for me. 


How can Amihan Solutions help you onboard a company that will fit your career goals and needs?

Do you look for an employee-centric working environment where you can grow your career with our clients in a fun and secure setup? Check out our career page to know why Amihan Solutions is for you. Tricia will be there to assist you along the way.

As a company, we believe in transparency, so we facilitated this Q&A interview session to better remind us of the effectiveness of encouraging and promotion of the strive for excellence from our employees. As this article mentions,  Aim for excellence and every day you will see the results of your pursuits as you focus on incremental improvement.

Who are we?

Amihan Solutions is a Swiss-owned and managed offshoring outsourcing company, which started business operations in mid-2021 in the Philippines and Switzerland. Amihan Solutions brings more than 11+ years of quality distributed delivery management know-how, and over 8 years of working in the Philippines, delivering over 200+ software projects to clients in Switzerland, other countries in Europe, and globally.